Friday, March 26, 2010

Thrift Shop Finds

I had a Dr. appointment in Sidney yesterday and Jared was home with Aubrey so I decided to do a little thrift shop shopping while I was there and I found some great deals!
First I found a black pair of church shoes for Aubrey for 50 cents (she really needed some good walking shoes for church), then I found 2 almost new roman blinds for $6.50 and they fit perfectly in our laundry room which had terrible gross curtains in them left with the house. Next was a wicker chest with a lid that stays shut with a loop and toggle for $15 which fits perfectly in the toy shelf in the sunroom. It now holds all the larger toys so they are out of site.
All in all I was pretty pleased with my finds!


leardonsbelle said...

I am never that lucky when I go to the second hand store. Good Job!

Shannon & Jared said...

I'm not usually either, but when it rains it pours!