Monday, January 10, 2011

365 Project

So I decided to finally jump on the 365 movement and I think it will be a good motivation to keep the creative juices flowing. Basically you take a photo of anything/one for 365 days straight. It's a photo-a-day journal. Not only is it a documentary but it's great motivation to keep taking photos during these winter months when my camera seems to hibernate. We don't go outside much unless it's to do some shopping so it's hard to find things to take photos of. Aubrey won't sit still these days so it's hard to get any decent photos of her but I need to try and figure out how to turn our small living space into a space that I can take photos as well so maybe I'll get her into the smiling mode again. She will say cheese, she just never looks at the camera when she says it! The above photos is my first 365 project photo. This is the only piece of camera equipment she is allowed to play with. It's a rubber flash diffuser. This is also the only photo she'd let me take of her.

You can see my photos at:

On another note, Aubrey has become quite a handful these days. She's climbing everything, she's changing multiple times a day (this seems familiar to me) and she's becoming very independent. She even pulled a chair up to the kitchen counter, grabbed the bread, put it in the toaster and pushed down the button and waited for her toast. Now I'm thinking about installing our swing baby gate in the kitchen doorway, so I don't have to constantly keep my eye on her!
She's talking so much more, she can pretty well communicate what she wants. She's very good at repeating what we say. If I tell her to "put on your pants please", she'll say "no pants please" she says "no" to anything we suggest her to do unless it's something really fun.
Ever since our trip to Victoria she keeps saying "ferry boat" and "go?" she doesn't understand where the ferry boat went. She says it at least once every day.
We say "silly Aubrey" a lot and now when we say it she replies back with "silly mommy, silly daddy".  She is just starting to count and can count to 3, she can also count from 6-9 for some reason.

If you have any suggestions on some indoor activities for a 2 year old I would really appreciate them. I've received some good ideas lately but they seem like they are a little too involved for her age. She likes to paint and draw, but for about 5 minutes. She has recently not been interested in reading books as much. She likes doing active things like running and dancing and throwing balls and I can't keep up with her. Speaking of dancing, she asks me every day: "rosies?" Someone must have taught her ring around the rosies (probably nursery??) and she wants to do it all day long.


Palmer Family said...

What a fun project! Your photos are so beautiful! Good luck with activities, if you find any good ones please send them my way. :)

Julianne said...

wow! she is getting so big! that is so cute that she calls you guys silly daddy and silly mommy haha.
for an activity, are there any cheap season passess to an aquarium, garden thing, or swimming where you are? It's indoors somewhere else :) Good Luck

Christina said...

That's a great project to be able to look back on!

Check out his blog for ideas... There's TONS there!

The Wight Family said...

Thanks for the ideas!!