Sunday, January 2, 2011

Trip to Victoria

We finally got away to the Island for a quick visit with friends and family. We were in Victoria for a few days and then came up to Duncan for a few more. Last night we were able to get together with all my siblings. The kids decorated some gingerbread houses and mainly Aubrey ate the candy.
 I was trying to take a photo of Owen and Mike tried to show him how to smile. We weren't successful.


Tracey said...

I like the pictures. Do you have more? It was fun. I want to spend more time with you guys. Do you want to come to Parksville today?

The Wight Family said...

I don't have any more, I didn't take many here. I spent all day helping my dad made a website and we leave tomorrow before the snow comes - hope you don't get stuck up there!

Come visit us soon!