Sunday, January 16, 2011

Too Many Posts in one Day!

But I'm excited because we are getting new bathtub tile! That doesn't sound exciting now that I've written it down, but it is. Our bathroom needs help. They had previously refinished the bathtub and tile with paint to re-coat it and the bathtub is already chipping (I'm not sure how long ago it was done) in a small spot and when we painted the walls, we taped the tile and since it was sprayed on and probably not primed, the tape peeled a bunch of it off so it looks terrible. They are replacing all the tile because the soap tray insert wasn't properly sealed and water has been getting in behind the wall for who knows how long. Jared was giving Aubrey a bath the other night and notice that one tile seemed to be sticking out, so he put his finger on it and it just fell off the wall exposing the pipes or guts beneath, no drywall was left. So now they are replacing it but not until we are out of town for a few days as we have no other bathroom. We are hoping to go to Victoria when Julianne and Mike have their baby in February and that will be the perfect amount of time for the tiler to come in and get the job done. I can't wait. I just wish they were re-sealing the bathtub too!


Julianne said...

Yeah! New Bathroom! and New Baby....niece/nephew all in the same weekend! You lucky!

Palmer Family said...

So fun! I love new tile/paint/etc! :)