Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day

 Christmas morning we slept in until 8 am then Aubrey and I Skyped with my parents and Darren's family so we could watch the kids open some presents. Aubrey opened two to tie her over until Jared got home from work at 3pm. Timing worked out well as she woke up as Jared walked in the door and then we could all open presents together.

 Santa brought Aubrey lots of presents and we gave her this tricycle and the rocking horse. I wanted to spray paint this tricycle as we bought it used for $4 but it's been too cold out to do it now. I also got the rocking horse for $3, so it was great to get a big impact gift for so little! She can't quite reach the pedals, another inch or so but she loves bikes so much!

 She likes to sit on the back step instead of the seat, then she can push with her feet.

 Santa brought her a wooden train set and a Crayola no mess paint set.


Sanderson Five said...

So fun! I love the rocking horse she got! Did you paint it out, or did it come in PINK?
Looks like Aubrey was really good at unwrapping gifts. She needs to teach Lexie!

Palmer Family said...

What a great Christmas! Love the tricycle!