Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fairmont Children's Christmas Party

 The ball room was all decorated with lots of breakfast foods, craft tables and a stage for Santa to visit on.

 Decorating Christmas ornaments by scratching off the black surface to reveal multi coloured background.

 There was gingerbread decorating on each table. Aubrey bit hers before we could decorate it too much.

 This is Jared's decorating...kind of a Where's Waldo look. We didn't let Aubrey eat this one.

Santa arrived. We slowly brought Aubrey closer to him and tried to get her ok about sitting on his lap, but by the time we got her up on stage, she freaked out and wouldn't even go near him. Instead, Jared sat on Santa's lap and that's the photo they'll be sending us!
He did give Aubrey a great present - a wood puzzle that had magnets on each insect that you can pick up with a magnet net.

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Palmer Family said...

What a fun party and great gift!