Friday, December 10, 2010

Such a Big Girl

I'm always amazed at how well Aubrey does with adjusting to new things. Just as I mentally prepare myself for changes in her life, she surprises me by adjusting so well. We were worried about the transition of moving - moving from hotel to hotel, sleeping in different places and then into our apartment. But she has done so well, nothing to complain about anyways. We thought that it might be too much to move her from her crib to a bed at the same time as moving so we set up her bed in her room as well as the crib. She didn't seem so interested in it at first, but a few nights into it and after reading her bedtime stories on her bed I asked her if she wanted to sleep there or in her crib. She didn't say no and just laid down so I said goodnight! She did get up a couple times, so I found her glow worm that she hasn't seen for months now, got some new batteries and gave it to her with the stipulation that she could have it if she stayed in her bed. After a few minutes of pure glee at seeing her glow worm and listening to the music she went to sleep and stayed there until morning. That was two nights ago and she hasn't been back to her crib since. Now, if only potting training will be this easy! I'm not looking forward to that.

She has started to really belly laugh, almost a forced fake laugh but it's really funny. She only does it when she's really excited about something like going to the playground or getting a long awaited cookie.
She's also started fake crying, and it might be the most fake cry I've ever heard. Oh, and she hasn't destroyed the Christmas tree yet. On the down side she is having a problem listening. She fully comprehends and follows instructions until she is asked to stop doing something, then she throws things and she's sent to the corner. She even follows the instructions of going to stand in the corner well...just walks right to it, faces it and stays there until I get her! Then she hugs me and says sorry mama and is happy again as if she didn't just have a tantrum!

Yesterday she started calling me mommy. She gives really big hugs and kisses. She kisses her teddy and baby and puts them to bed . . . all day long. She says sorry when she hurts herself and gets really upset when anyone else is sad.

Well, that's the update for now.


Palmer Family said...

She is getting so big! She is so cute. I'm glad that all the transitions have gone well!

Shelli said...

Big girl! Too cute.