Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My wreath

I was trying to make a Christmas decoration that would be a large impact on a small budget so I found a blog where they had made wreaths out of tissue paper just stapled to a cardboard base and they suggested using a number of different papers including pages from a book. So I thought I would try it and I like how it turned out, but it's problematic. For one, the 3M removable hook I used to hang it keeps falling off and it's fallen about 5 times which causes it to fall apart. Because the pages are just stapled on they fall off of the cardboard easily. Using a glue gun would be a better option, but I can't imagine removing all that annoying glue string from all that paper! I'll have to come up with some solutions...just can't think of any yet.

I had the wreath above the fireplace but decided to move it to the orange wall next to the window as I finally put up some frames photos above the fireplace. I'm not sure if I like the pine cones in it though.


Julianne said...

very cute! i really like the pine cones in it. it adds the Christmas touch

Palmer Family said...

What a really neat idea! Looks good!