Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sewing Project

Today I spent most of the day doing laundry. I had to wash all my material, our new bed duvet and the thrift shop toys and clothes. I think I did almost $10 worth of laundry. But now that is done I could actually start sewing. I made 3 pillow cases for throw pillows for the couch, 2 pillows for Aubrey's bed plus a blanket and 2 pillow cases. I still have one large body pillow case to sew to put across the back of Aubrey's bed so we can sit on it like a couch since it's a day bed style.

 Above: the two pillows for Aubrey's bed and the blanket which I used the chenille white blanket I found at the Goodwill for one side and a flannel sheet set I used for the other side.

 The reverse side of the pillows

Almost all the boxes have been unpacked. Just a few books to unpack but we can't do that until the Christmas tree is moved and the bookshelf is in it's place, so for now they are stashed in our bedroom.
Some photos still have to go up on the walls and other then that we have finished unpacking.
We still have some more furniture to buy: all our bedroom furniture and dining chairs. We bought a new table but are still using the patio chairs until we buy new ones. I wish we could buy them this week as we are having friends over for dinner on Christmas Eve!

We are having Jared's old mission companion and his family (Jeff & Corey) over for a full turkey dinner on Christmas Eve, so that will be nice to finally have someone visit our new place now that everything is cleaned up. Corey was nice enough to baby sit for us last Monday so we could go see Christmas Story the Musical at a theatre downtown. It was really well down, very professional. Just as good as anything we've seen on Broadway. The little boy who played Ralphie did a great job and is an amazing singer for a boy of 11. When we picked Aubrey up afterwards she was asleep half on their couch and half on the ottoman. She had a great time playing with their two boys and decorating gingerbread cookies.

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Palmer Family said...

Gorgeous pillows! You are so talented! Sounds like you have a wonderful Christmas ahead of you! Merry Christmas