Saturday, July 30, 2011

Smith Cove

I was trying to find a place that we could walk to tonight, that wasn't too far and wasn't up to many crazy hills and I found this little park and waterfront that is right down the bike path from our house, about a 20 min. walk. I didn't walk it tonight as I'm too sure what the path is like or how safe it is, so I thought we could all try it out tomorrow. Aubrey and I packed up a picnic and drove there. It was a beautiful night and Mt. Rainier was clear as well as the skyline from the park.

 I can't believe I actually got Aubrey to run on the grass! I told her to run fast the wall you see in the background, and back - and she did it!
 The best cookie in the whole world - it was her treat for eating all her dinner. It's kind of like a rocca but not too hard to eat or stick-in-the-mouth and it has macadamia nuts in it.
 someone just relaxing.
 Aubrey's ballerina shadow. I found a ballet class at the community center just up the road from us to put her in when she turns 3. I hope she likes it and will go without me there!

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