Thursday, January 19, 2012

More snow

One of the two stair cases up to our front door.

 At the top by our front door.

This is looking out from our front door, we're almost blocked in by the snow on the bushes.
I'm stuck at home with a 3 year old is constantly making a mess right after I clean things up, so why bother cleaning?? And Jared is stuck at work for probably the 2nd night in a row. He bussed in on Wednesday afternoon. It took him an hour wait before he could find a bus (not on a normal route) and there aren't any buses running when he's off work so he stayed there over night. It was a good thing as he needed to start work today at 10am because other staff couldn't get into work and I'm sure the same will be for tomorrow. At least Jared got groceries on Tuesday and I made an Ikea run to get some boxes. Now I have no excuse not to organize my crafts and bedroom
Today I cleaned my bedroom (aka storage room) and the crafts are organized. Its also been a good time to do a bunch of crocheting projects I've been wanting to make for photography props!


BenRasmussen said...

I love the picture of the pretty! At least the snow looks pretty and is fun to play in. Hope Jared finally made it home so you could have some adult conversation! Let's get together soon to play Kinect :)

Ali said...

Sorry, that last comment was from me. I hate it when it logs Ben in instead of me!

Rita Peck said...

It is crazy how much snow you guys have and we have none in Idaho just lots of rain. Beautiful pics though living in it isn't so fun