Thursday, November 29, 2012


Today we travelled from Portland to Crescent City, CA. we decided to cut over to the coast at Eugene, OR to bypass Grant's Pass as storms were due to come. It meant for a longer drive but Aubrey fell asleep again and we were able to go the whole way only stopping for lunch and a really quick stop at the sand dunes and beach along the Oregon coast. It poured on us at the beach and when we stopped for lunch not long after, we had to do a quick wardrobe change out if our wet clothes.
Once the sun went down it really started to pour (can't imagine what the pass was like!) and our window wipers couldn't keep up. Visibility was pour but we didn't have far to go so we slowly crept to Crescent City. We had to do something fun with Aubrey so we got a hotel with a pool. She asks every morning: what are we doing today? Which we reply: more driving. She responds with: again?
We are hoping to make some stops in the redwood forest and in San Francisco before getting into San Jose.

The bridge is called McCullough Memorial.

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