Thursday, January 24, 2013


I can't believe I've never made this before!
It was so quick and easy and you have all the ingredients in your kitchen already!
I used this recipe.
The recipe is basically avocado, cocoa powder, honey (I used agave), vanilla and salt.
I'm going to have to use avocado in more baking now that I have an endless supply!
You can substitute it for butter in most baking recipes!

I also got to use the Christmas present I got Jared - food processor/immersion blender combo. Here's what I got him: The top half of the hand blender comes off then attaches to the top of the food processor which powers the blades. I highly recommend something like this as it takes up little room and it's two different uses in one!

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Shannon said...

I have one of those (the immersion blender/mini food processor combo)- I love it!