Monday, January 21, 2013


Saturday ended up being a full day. It's really easy to start out by driving somewhere close-by and then end up in San Francisco! We headed to Honeymoon Bay as the next day there was a surf competition and the waves were suppose to be huge. They were big, but not as big as they were on Sunday! We saw some photos of the event and they were much larger than what we saw.

 Do you see the pelican?

 I wish I had his lens.

 And begins the random people photos

We headed down the road to a beach where we thought was closer to were the actual competition was going to be held and the waves were no where near as big. I think the area was actually a little further down the road.

Honeymoon Bay was about a 45 drive from our home. Once there we were only another 20 or so to San Francisco so we headed there for dinner.

In another hour we were home!

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Shelli McCullough said...

Shannon, Your photography is as beautiful as ever - love the scenery.

Darren is trying really hard to still like you right now!

We miss you. Hope all is well.

Looks like you have been busy as ever creating all kinds of things. Way to go.

Love you!