Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Now that we've moved and are all unpacked, I figured I get back to the dollhouse. I had stopped working on it because it didn't make much sense to put all the work in and then have to pack it up to move. The house traveled well but I had to glue a few things back onto the exterior.

Yesterday I finished the office.
 I used an embossed, patterned felt for the carpet.

 The chair was in rough shape, someone painted it green and did a bad job, so I decided to paint it gold.

 The paint box was a free printable, I just had to print, cut and glue. The paint tubes are just tin foil folded up with labels I printed as well. I also made the easel.

I got all of the furniture from an ad I found on craigslist in Seattle from someone who was selling a table top full of miniatures they acquired from an estate sale. I would have bought everything if I had the money! I found everything I needed for the office which was the only room I don't already have furniture for, and at great prices. All the pieces are really old and good quality. I found this marionette doll, it was still in the packaging and is from England. I just added the strings and wood so I could hang it.


Rita Peck said...

That is amazing

Heather said...

I love this! When can I move in?