Monday, November 4, 2013


One week ago we had Aubrey's 5th birthday party.
She loves fairs, carnivals and amusement parks and since we took her to Disney Land just before her birthday it seemed fitting to do a carnival theme birthday party.
She loves Santa Cruz and the boardwalk so that's where the inspiration came from.

 I was running behind schedule and was still setting things up when people arrived, so I barely got any photos!

 I found a brand new cotton candy machine at the thrift store for $5 and it's the best cotton candy I've ever had! You only use 2 hard candies to make these small cones - any flavor, so we had lots of fruit flavors.

 I searched everywhere for a table top ferris wheel and couldn't find anything so I ended up finding this home decor wheel and stapling treat boxes onto it for a faux ferris wheel.

 The Fairmont made us these macarons and they were sooooo good!

 What's a carnival without churros?

 Here's the ticket/prize booth.

 A friend just happened to own a parachute - which was perfect because we ended up having to use only the driveway area as the back lawn was just re-seeded!

 The photo booth in the garage studio was a lot of fun. I emailed a card like this to all the kids who had photos taken.

 It was so warm that all the icing was melting everywhere!

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