Wednesday, December 28, 2011

clay day

I spent part of last night and this morning making some clay jewelry. I've seen so many things online and on etsy that are so cute, so I thought I would attempt to make them out of clay (in most cases the original are metal).
 This is our new Christmas tree ornament for this year.

 These didn't quite turn out. They are suppose have smoother flat edges like a geometric bead.

 I saw this on etsy (it is not my idea) it was made out of metal so I though I would make one out of clay.

 I found a little tutorial on making a clay owl.

 I used some fondant stamps that came with Aubrey's easy bake set - it worked well. She uses it for playdough now, so I though why not.

 I love acorns. This one actually looks better in person.

 Aubrey and Jared's initials (also Aubrey's initials of her first and middle name).

 Fingerprints: mine and Aubrey's

 This is a bad photo. This idea I also found on etsy and is made out of metal.

 geometric triangles.

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