Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kitchen is finally done!

This kitchen has taken way too long to do! Its hard finding a time to work on it when Jared is home and Aubrey's in bed so she doesn't see it. Now we are running out of time so the last two nights while Jared has been at work I've worked on it. Jared did all the cutting (doors and sink hole) and hinged the doors.
I tiled the backsplash, added all the handles and knobs. Put in the faucet and burners.
 I'm happy with the outcome. There are a few imperfections and I wish I painted the oven window smaller, but all in all it works!

Cost Count:
Hutch $20 (Craigslist)
Tile $2 (Re Store - used building materials)
Sink bowl $2 (Goodwill)
Faucet set $10 (Re Store)
burner coasters $1 (Ikea)
White knobs 6 for $0.49 (Ikea)
Fridge handle $3 (Lowes)
Oven handle $5 (Lowes)
Oven rack $1 (Goodwill)
Fridge shelf $4 (Fred Meyers)
Fridge door shelf $1 (Dollar Tree)
Basket $1 (Dollar Tree)
Cookie Tray $1 (Dollar Tree)
Spackle $2.50 (Lowes)
Extra screws $3 (Lowes)

Total: $55.99

 I made felt pretzels, cookie dough with cookies, bow tie pasta, peas in the pod, strawberries and fortune cookies.
 I used a permanent marker to draw on the rings on the coasters to make burners.

 I still need to paint the insides of the doors and divider we added - one day.
I also made chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes and min cheesecakes.

I saw this basket at the dollar store and thought it would be great to store food and it made me think of baguettes so I had to make some of those too! They were so easy! The only food I have left to make are some potatoes. They are so simple and look great. All that's needed are some old brown nylons and stuffing. Here's the link.


Ali said...

Shannon, that kitchen turned out so cute!! I love all the little details and thought that went into it. I love it so much I want to come over and play with it! You are so creative :)

Christina said...

This turned out awesome! You're so creative!! Can I post a link to it on my blog?

The Wight Family said...

Thanks Christina - sure!

Justin & Rachel Kingsley said...

LOVE everything about this. It turned out beautifully. What a lucky girl Aubrey is!