Friday, March 29, 2013


Today we decided to decorate Easter eggs.
I can't stand the thought of boiling the eggs, decorate them and then just keep them in the fridge the whole time (plus Aubrey doesn't like eggs, so that's a whole lotta eggs for us to eat!).
So I decided to blow them out again this year. Last year I just did two - one for Aubrey and one for me. This year I did 10 (I broke 2). I figure every year we can make a couple more and soon we'll have a collection to display every year.

 weighing down hollow eggs while dying them is hard, so thanks to Pinterest I had Aubrey use a whisk - clean and weights it down!

 We stamped some.

 I printed out some silhouettes from here, then I used a pencil to color on the backside to act as a carbon copy, placed the image on the egg and traced the outline on the paper leaving a pencil outline on the egg. I just filled it in with a sharpie.

Have you ever made your own basket filler? I couldn't be bothered to by the plastic colored stuff when I did my Easter shopping this year because I know it will end up in the garbage, so what's the point? Instead I took a brown shopping bag and shredded it in my paper shredder and viola!

The floral ones were just rub-on transfers - that was by far the easiest!

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