Tuesday, March 12, 2013


It seems I can never have a balance when it comes to hobbies. Once I start on a project like sewing I seem to need to do every sewing project I want to do in one week and then not sew again for months - on to the next thing. Yesterday I made two dresses for Aubrey - it's starting to get warm here and I thought some spring dresses would be fun to make. The hard part was deciding what type of dress I'd make with which fabric!

 The first dress was a simple one from this tutorial here.

The next one is my favorite. I just made this one up but used the pleated yoke tutorial from here.

 I covered some buttons for the front and back.

 I have a couple more left to make, but might wait until summer in case she gets a growth spurt!
She just had a physical and she is in the 75 percentile for height. She's outgrown pants that I just bought 3 months ago!

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