Friday, March 8, 2013


About a 5 min drive from my house sits a thrift store and a craft store side-by-side. This is a problem.
I just spent too much money today because of these two places. It is nice to browse the material section of the thrift store before heading to pay full price, but somehow I still end up buying some anyways.

 I found this awesome suitecase to hold all of Aubrey's dolls and clothing in for $2.99!

I also found a dress and some shorts for her along with this vintage little A.A. Milne book.

And then I went to the fabric store and they were having 30% and 50% off, how could I resist. I also bought the yellow pom pom fringe to edge the curtains in Aubrey's room.

It's time to make some summer dresses!

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