Tuesday, March 8, 2011

365 - Catch up

Trying a new grouping
Aubrey sausage (again)
My jewelry looks better in the rack then me, I think.
Dressing up for church
Walked out to the light house at Discovery Park. Not a very exciting park, I'm not sure it was worth the walk.

I'm decorating the RS board at church this week and so I've been busy making spring flowers.
(See my next post for more photos)


Julianne said...

Love Aubrey's sunday outfit that matches the bear. too cute

Palmer Family said...

What gorgeous flowers. Aubrey is looking so grownup. She is losing the baby look. (Does that make sense?) Love her dress and the matching bear dress. Did you make them?

The Wight Family said...

No I didn't make the dresses. They came as a set from winners.