Wednesday, March 2, 2011

365 - catching up again

 I felt bad that my last photo looked so gross. I refroze the left overs of the banana ice cream and it was much harder and scooped liked normal ice cream, so I thought I'd take a better photo.

 I had been looking for a large W for our wall. I originally wanted an retro one from metal or something but I found this cardboard craft one at the craft store and with a 50% off coupon I got it for $5 - so I can't beat that. I just need to sand the edges and rough it up a bit. Any good ideas out there for weathering it?
Yesterday I started feeling sick again with a fever, today is better. It's going around our ward and today at mom's group I found out a couple other people had it too. Weird. This is a common view lately!


Shelli said...

Love the W! Sorry you are sick.

Tracey said...

The banana ice cream looks much better in this picture.