Thursday, March 24, 2011

Visit to the Ballard Locks

We took a picnic dinner to the Ballard Locks for the first time yesterday. It's about a 5 minute drive from our place and basically there's a canal that goes between our neighbourhood (Magnolia) and Ballard that boats come and go from the ocean into Lake Union (so salt water to fresh water). The water levels are different so they have a dam and locks where boats passing through will get locked into an area that either fills with water if they are heading into the lake or decrease the water if they are heading out to the water. It was amazing to see how fast it actually fills and empties.

Here there are 3 boats in the lock while it fills so they can head to the lake.

Yesterday morning as I headed up over the hill towards the church for mom's group, this was my view of the Olympic Mountains:

And this was the view just a bit further down the road:

After mom's group she fell asleep in the car so I drove around for her nap and did some site seeing. I tried to find interesting things to take photos of from the driver's seat of my car:
not sure if this place was for real or what!

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