Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Daffodil Tutorial

Supplies: yellow crepe paper, white crepe paper or streamer, floral wire sticks, scissors, glue stick, floral tape and scotch tape. I found all these things at the dollar store (except for the yellow crepe paper).
1. Cut out 5 yellow squares.
2. Cutting all 5 layers at a time cut out a petal shape.
3. Use your thumbs to stretch out the petals so they curve.
4. Pinch the flat bottom part of the petal together and tape.

5. Cut out yellow circle for base of flower and attach tape.
6. Stick on all 5 petals overlapping.

7. Cut out white strip with scalloped edge.
8. Cut down between scallops half way.
9. Turn over and cut some slits along the flat edge.
10. join with glue to form a circle.
11. Put on finger and bend down the petals and the slit side.
12. Glue on white center.

13. Cut out another yellow circle and sandwich a wire stick in between.
14. To make a leaf cut a green streamer double the length of the finished size of the leaf you want.
15. Put glue on all of half the green and lay a wire stick down the center.
16. Fold the other half over to sandwich the stick and smooth out.
17. Cut it to the shape of a leaf.
18. To attach the leaf to the daffodil, use the wire in the bottom of the leaf to twist around the stem of the flower then bend wire in leaf to the curve that you want.
This daffodil was meant to put on a wall, thus the flat back, if you wanted to use it in a vase then you could attach each yellow petal to the wire stick with floral tape individually so that they come off the stem more naturally.

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