Tuesday, June 12, 2012

BATHROOM PROGRESS (that sounds weird)

Today I worked on the bathroom and got it mostly completed. I just need to add a few decorating things. Sorry for the grainy photos, sometimes I just don't feel like lugging out my big camera which doesn't fit in small spaces like these rooms. The iphone was just so much easier!

 This room is so huge, I'm not sure how to fill it. I added the shelf for towels etc. and hopefully I'll add a towel rack, a bath mat and some artwork.

 I made the toilet paper holder and the thing in the corner will be to store toilet paper rolls on.

 I made it gluing together 2 buttons, a tooth pick and a bead.

 Then I spray painted it.

 Here's a couple of photos of the food actually in the kitchen.

Here's the plate cupboard I made from mat board and hung above the sink.

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