Monday, June 11, 2012


Tonight while Aubrey painted and colored at the table with me, I made some polymer clay food to finish off the dollhouse kitchen. I have watched a few youtube videos on how to make a few things so I gave it a try. I don't have extra money to put into this project so I've been trying to search for any and all online tutorials on how to make anything I possibly can. Surprisingly, there are quite a few!

The next room I will work on is the bathroom. It's a huge room and I don't know how I'm going to fill it, so I'll be doing some more online searching for ideas!

 The potatoes were fun and easy. I made the shapes then poked a pin in them and used a utility knife to peel a few scraps of skin off.  You can use chalk to color them but rubbing some chalk on a piece of paper then use a dry paint brush to pick up the chalk dust and brush it on, but the chalk I used was regular chalkboard chalk and once baked was not dark enough so I took some acrylic paint and added more color after they baked.

 Breads: I had a piece of shiny silver scrapbook paper that I made a bread tin out of. I used a pin and sandpaper to create a textured edge on the cut open sides of the baguette.

 I didn't have different color polymer clay, so I just painted it after. I also made the cake stand.

The dough was obviously easy to make. I made the cookie cutter out of the same silver/metallic paper as the bread tin.  I also made a few eggs to add to the baking scene. I'd like to make a flour sack to put under the island, on the shelf and I'll attempt to print a graphic on fabric using freezer paper - we will see how that turns out!

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