Saturday, June 9, 2012


I figured out how to wire the dollhouse for lights all by myself. I had some help from online tutorials and the local dollhouse shop was very helpful with any questions I had. It was easier than I had originally thought, I almost scrapped the idea. I'm glad I did it as the little lights are an added help while working on the inside!

Today I finished the kitchen. I just have to put up a shelf molding on the walls where the wall paper meets the paint and then some crown molding.

 I added a tin ceiling, but I'm thinking about painting it gold or copper as there's nothing silver in the kitchen - any suggestions?

It's really hard to get a clear photo of something so small without a shallow depth of field!
The two white pieces of furniture were previous unfinished pieces I had, so I painted them and added the curtains to one as well as under the sink and the windows. The island was an unfinished table I had, I just added a shelf underneath and painted it. The plate shelf above the sink I made out of mat board.

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