Saturday, June 23, 2012


Yesterday my sis-in-law, Shelli had a weekend getaway to Seattle with a couple friends who were running the marathon here. I was able to tag along for some shopping with them yesterday and Aubrey came too. I couldn't believe how well Aubrey did. My intention was to call it quits as soon as she got grumpy but she never really did! Maybe it was because I wasn't shopping myself, so I could pay more attention to her! After shopping we waited for Jared to finish up work so we could grab some dinner and I was so impressed with how she just sat in Starbucks with me and patiently waited!
 I love walking through the market to see all the beautiful peonies - they are so pretty. I just discovered that they have a flower stand at the fruit stand I shop at, I might have to pick some of these up next time I go there. It's hard to buy flowers downtown when you are walking around with a child and a stroller and/or bags to bring them home, but the fruit stand might be an easier choice!

 She insists on having her photo taken with small girl mannequins everywhere!
Waiting in Starbucks for dad (almost an hour!) on a rainy dull day.

We found her her own umbrella today!

Also, tonight we are having Brent (brother), Tracey and Lauren come for a visit as they are out this way shopping!

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