Saturday, June 23, 2012


I'm getting an early birthday present (hopefully Monday)! I ordered this bike last week and I can't wait for it! I found it online for more than half off the original price and I'm excited to get a child seat and go for some rides around the trails here. There's a trail that goes from our house, right downtown that we walked the other day. It will be MUCH quicker on a bike!

I have a couple friends who have bikes as well, so it will be fun to join them on some adventures, as well as being able to bike with Jared, which I'm sure he's pretty thrilled with!

I've been pretty spoiled this birthday as my mom just sent me a birthday present (waiting to open it on Wednesday) even though she already bought me art supplies for my birthday, and I went shopping today and bought some clothes (even got a babysitter)!

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