Friday, October 26, 2012


Yesterday was our 11th anniversary. Jared had the day off work so we started the day off with going out for breakfast at Portage Bay Cafe. They have the best french toast with a topping bar.

 Then we went to South Lake Union and explored a little

Then we took the street car downtown to do a little shopping.
 Aubrey is watching for the streetcar.

That evening we went out for dinner. We had so much time and we didn't know how to fill it!
We were so early that we walked around for a bit first, but all that was around was a Safeway - we read some magazines for a while!

 The restaurant where we ate. I liked how it was in an old house but was modern inside.

They brought us some salted caramels with our desserts.

After dinner we still had 2 hours to kill before picking up Aubrey from the sitter! We couldn't think of anything to do that didn't involve eating! We stopped at Archie McPhee's which is a store full of odd novelty items. We had some photo booth pics taken. The top one didn't work out to well with Jared wearing a horse head!

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Angela King said...

happy anniversary! i love the horse head. super cute.