Tuesday, October 9, 2012


It had been a while since we have visited Victoria so it was time for another visit, this time Jared had a week or so off so it was a much more relaxing trip then past quick ones.

We left the same day my sis-in-laws left but later in the day after Jared was off work. We drove straight to my parents in Duncan and got in late. The next day, Jared got picked up by his brothers and they were off on their own adventure - up to Cape Scott which is the very tip of Vancouver Island. They were camping and hiking to the very point and lighthouse for the next few days.
I'll let him post his own story and photos!
 In the meantime, Aubrey had fun picking raspberries every day.
 We took a drive with my mom to Chemanus and I wish I had a better photo than this! This couple had on full adult sleepers and it was quite a head turner!

 I found some good stuff at the thrift store!

 We played at Mike & Julianne's (my brother) and with their little ones Owen and Lyla,

 Uncle Mike found lots of snakes!

 We were waiting at my brother's until Jared got dropped off from his hiking trip and was getting late. I let Aubrey stay up and she wanted to cuddle with Uncle Mike. I think she knows who to buddy up with because she secretly knows she can boss them around!

 One night we went on a walk with my parents along the Cowichan River and we saw lots of little fish.

 Aubrey had so much fun playing in a real back yard and with kids her age!
Tate found a little tree frog!

 She also had a lot of fun playing inside with all her cousins!

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