Friday, October 26, 2012


Last Saturday night Jared's boss and co-worker went with us to take Aubrey to Chuck E. Cheese's (her first time -mine too maybe). She had a lot of fun. Then on Sunday was her real birthday where her Sunbeams teacher brought her cupcakes and a present. After church we picked up Jared's sister and brother in-law, Spencer from the airport. They were stopping here on their way to the Philippines the next day. Thank you to everyone who sent her presents!
 We made pizzas for dinner, had cake and then carved pumpkins.

 Thanks Grandpa Wight for the princess dishes, Grandma Wood for the owl night light and Eli Wight for the drawing and stickers!!

 We bought her a hair and accessories set, she's been doing everyone's hair.

I tried doing a picture on the cake using a tutorial I found online here
I should have picked a more simple larger picture. It worked in theory, just looks weird!


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