Tuesday, October 9, 2012


 I had a couple photo shoots at the park that weekend so I wanted to scout out some locations and lighting and it was a fun park to take Aubrey too. It's weird taking her to parks that I have been so much growing up, but she was too little to remember or even play at when we lived here.

 There were so many peacocks around. Jared kept chasing or cornering them hoping they would fan their feathers at him!

 We went to the little petting zoo. I took Aubrey when she was little, but I don't think she remembered. It all seemed new to her!

 I think she liked being center of attention!

 The infamous climbing tree. I say infamous because everyone wants their photos taken on this tree but it's always in the bright sun or too dark of shade and I've always hated taking photos of people on it!

Some painters in the park capturing the fall leaves.

Phew! Now I'm almost caught up! A couple days after we returned home we had a little birthday party for both Aubrey and her friend Mia who's birthday is exactly one month before Aubrey's. We decided to have their party together and it was a lot of fun! Those photos to follow soon!

Right now I'm catching up on editing a bunch of photo shoots and some for family too!

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