Friday, February 1, 2013


When Jared asked me yesterday if I wanted to go to San Francisco today, I said sure!
But the real plan for the day involved going to 3 different Fairmont Hotels to pick up supplies he needed! He did tell me this was the reason, but I was in agreement with Aubrey on the car ride - this is boring. It started out fun, but most of the trip was in the car and it was so nice out - I wanted to be outside!

 First hotel stop - Fairmont San Francisco. It's pretty amazing
Then we went to the Ferry building to get some lunch (this crab was not our lunch!)

2nd hotel stop - Fairmont Heritage Place in Ghiradelli Square

 We stopped off for the view but the sun was not our friend.

Then we went another 45 mins North to Sonoma to the 3rd hotel stop. Then back home to the 4th hotel stop - in San Jose to drop everything off. Phew.
We finished the day with smoothies and watched Sleeping Beauty - goodnight!

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