Thursday, February 14, 2013


Hope you've had a sweet day!
These are definitely not the cutest cookies I've ever made, but after the crafty day I had yesterday, I didn't feel like doing much when I made them last night!

 I've been working on Aubrey's room (once again). It seems like I've revamped it a couple times in the past year or two but moving has been a good excuse to change things up. 
It's nice to be able to remove some of the excess items from her room as they were photography props - and put them out in the garage. I'm slowly trying to create a less cluttered space, but being small it's really hard. Here's my sad attempt at a cushion for the bench - it will have to be redone when I can get an appropriate cushion!

 I had a little too much fun at the fabric store! I made the two patterned pillow cases and this kite one out of felt scraps.
 This one is my favorite. I found this adorable embroidery pattern here and it only took me an evening to do. I'm a big fan of quick projects!

 I also made 3 hot air balloons to hang from her ceiling. They are all done but I haven't figured out a great way to hang them yet. I found these really pretty lanterns at the thrift shop, and just added scraps of fabric left over from the pillows, ribbon, string and little felt baskets.
More photos to come when they are hanging!

Next project is to paint her bed. I've picked an ocean blue. I really wanted to paint her dresser too but it's easier to take the bed headboard/foot board out of the house than the dresser so I compromised with just painting the handles. I wanted to get knew handles as well, but this is a much more economical choice. I painted the handles green and they are drying as we speak - I hope they look good!
UPDATE: I just put the handles on the dresser and I love it:
It's a terrible photo, but I'm too lazy to take my camera out again!

Lastly - I made one more pair of felt shoes. I'm loving the bright colors, they are just in time for spring!


Corrina Baker said...

You are so incredible! I love that pillow.

Angela King said...

i love all of this! especially the hot air balloons. super awesome!