Thursday, February 7, 2013


I feel like we've gotten a lot accomplished in the last week or two. There's always so many things to do and forms to fill out when you move! We finally got our California driver's license - I haven't taken a written test since I was 17! There's also the fun of getting new car plates and insurance as well as a smog test. It's all done though.
I just got my business license for photography so I'm excited to get started.
I converted our garage completely into a studio and it's all set up and ready to go.
I've never had a dedicated space to hang up all my hats and props. I've always had all my stuff tucked away and in all different rooms, so that when I needed them I would forget what I had - I'm hoping that will no longer be the case!


There's a local kids boutique just down the road from us that is now selling my felt shoes, so that's exciting! She requested some Valentine's shoes to display in her window - I don't think she was expecting me to drop of 7 pairs! She now has 11 pairs of my shoes in her store!
I just started making some patterns for boys (and girls) moccasins and I think they are adorable!
I just have to pic some colors and make some for real!

I have a little bit of leather scraps I might make a few out of. I might just have to buy some suede too.

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