Friday, August 26, 2011

Diy day

Have you visited Pinterest yet? If you save photos from blogs in folders all over your computer, or have so many bookmarks of webpages that you never visit them again, then this is the site for you!
Once you sign up (free) and save their "Pin It" quick link to your broswer shortcut bar then have just made saving great ideas even easier. Once you find a photo you want to save, just click the "pin it" quick link, it will bring up all the photos on that webpage, select the one you want to save and then it will ask you to assign it to a category (which you create) these are called boards, and add a comment. You can have a board for every category you'd like. I have a DIY, Recipes, Wishlist etc. boards. 
The nice thing about having all these photos in tidy little boards and nicely organized is that when you click on the photo at a later date, it takes you back to the original site is was from, complete with instructions or other important info - genius.

In the last post I included a few links to some of my pinterest photos and today I was able to use some of those saved ideas with my thrift finds. Above I made our family crossword with my scrabble pieces. I wasn't sure what background to put on it and then discovered that I liked the cardboard backing to the frame just fine! I used puffy sticky scrapbooking squares to attach the tiles easily and to add dimension.
I took the glass jar I found, poured in some orange paint and a bit of water to make it more fluid and swirled it around to coat the inside of the jar. I love this idea because I had been wanting something orange in the living room area to pull colour in from the orange wall in the dining area, and this was cheap and easy and the perfect match in colour!

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Julianne said...

I love how you painted that bottle. We went to a garage sale today and there was this funky bottle. I first thought oooh i wonder what this would look like bright orange?