Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thrift Find

I found some good deals today and I wasn't even planing on going...just happened to be in the neighbourhood.
I love this dress for Aubrey
This jacket was too good to pass up, it's a size 5 (a couple away from Aubrey's current size) but it was 50% off $4.99!
I couldn't pass up this unopened box of owl Christmas cards for $0.99 or this glass jar for the same price. See here what I'm going to do with it (maybe orange).  Or maybe this.
The little umbrella was also $0.99 and the Talbot was probably the most expensive. The scrabble game was a last minute find as someone had discarded it at the cash register. for $1.29 I couldn't pass it up even if it was missing pieces. There's so many things to make with scrabble letters, see here.

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Corrina Baker said...

julia has that yellow dress, target!