Monday, August 22, 2011

More Guests!

Thursday morning everyone left and that evening friends of ours arrived! We had Sean, Nikki and Cedar Larsen visit. They were visiting the Oregon coast from Cranbrook and decided to drive to Seattle for a visit as well. That evening after Aubrey had been in bed for a while, I went to check on her and found this:
 She had used crayon to scribble all over the wall around her bed. I still haven't cleaned it off.
I think she was struggling for some attention after all our visitors and she was just acting out.
 We went to Pike Place to buy some pasta.

 We went down to the Piers and rode on the carosel and to eat at the Crab Pot.
 Then we went to the Ballard Locks and also saw the fish ladder.

 Then for dinner we went to our favourite burger place but I was so sick of heavy foods so I got a bean patty instead of hamburger and it was really good.
Then we went to the bike park under the I-5 and the girls sat in their strollers and watched their dads bike.

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