Thursday, August 11, 2011


If you have an iphone or Andriod - get this app!
Fooducate is a free app that uses your camera to scan the barcodes on any food product. Then, if it's in the database it will give you helpful info on it such as a grade from A - D on the health scale, it will give warnings such as controversial ingredients like artifical colors etc. It even tells you if it has trans fats in the product, even if the label says it doesn't! 
It's a great tool at the grocery store when you are faced with a huge variety and half of them say they are healthy but in fact aren't.  If the product you are researching gets a D rating, then don't worry, it will show you some better suited alternatives.
If it doesn't have the product you have scanned in its database, then you can choose to add it by taking a quick few photos of the product with your phone and emailing it them.
They will add all the info for you!
You can also compare two products side by side. I used it shopping today and it was a great help!

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