Saturday, March 24, 2012


I was getting sick of the bright pink and orange in her room and was wanting to go in a more vintage theme so I rearranged a few things and swapped some furniture.
 I kept the tissue pom poms but added the white paper lanterns I had left from her birthday and put them all over her bed. I took out her night table as the style no longer fit and brought in this coffee table we were using as a dining table bench (but didn't really work). I made the crochet blanket and pillow.
 I found this goose neck vintage lamp on craigslist for $20. I love it.

 I rehung the wire baskets adding the 3rd one in this new spot. I managed to cut her stuffed animals in half and put them all in the crate. I try to use all my photo props around the house in a useful way so I don't have to store them all somewhere and this one works well. I found the little green vintage suite case at Value Village for $0.99!

 Collage wall: The alphabet cards spell her initials and were a free printable, the quote and the graphic chair were also free printables. I embroidered the birds on a wire and the little drawing is a plate drawing from a vintage book I bought when I still lived at home and have kept to use in a kids room.
I still have fill the smaller hoop with something - not sure what: another embroidered image, patterned fabric or maybe a button monogram? I found about 20 of these wooden hangers at Goodwill for $0.99/5 and I was so happy because I badly needed a bunch for all my skirts (I was using 2 for about1-15 skirts - didn't work!). They also double nicely as picture hangers.

 The little red wagon (another prop) also works as Dr. Seuss storage. We are a little addicting to collecting these books!

 I still have a couple things to do: 1. Paint her dresser and 2. Change the curtains.
The curtain rod has holders for 2 rods, so I might just put these black out blinds closest to the window and then make or get new ones that sit over the pink ones that aren't so bright. I'm thinking either thick stripe or chevron grey and white and floor length as they would just stay at the sides for appearance and I don't have to worry about them being pulled over the heater (behind the dresser). Oh, and I also want to try and crochet an oval rag rug - we'll see if I get to that!!


 I want to paint the dresser either blue or green and get new hardware

Here are some samples of the colors - which one??

I really like this green one.

I've also asked Jared for this rocking chair for her room instead of the Ikea one that takes up too much room in the current spot:

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Anna said...


I'm a big fan of the retro green (what would you call it? Avocado? That fabulous 60's green that always went with orange). That's my vote.