Friday, March 30, 2012


I saw this dress on Pinterest and decided it would be a cute summer dress for Aubrey. I found some striped fabric at Value Village (and have enough left over for maybe a shirt for me). I also had some scraps of leather for the pockets.

My version:
 I just used a jumper dress of hers for the shape, then had to remember back to Grade 12 sewing for the pockets.

 Don't look too close at the stitching, I made a mistake and added to it to fix instead of unstitching.

 I also had to remember how to do a placket, I should have kept my duotang full of sample hems, zippers and finishes - it would have come in handy!

Aubrey isn't modeling this dress because she refuses to try things on for me (or wear clothes in general), so I decided to make a little Aubrey mannequin! I took her measurements (which was a hard enough task on it's own!) and just used some felt I had then stuffed it with batting and some grocery bags. Now I can try things on this as I go without a battle!

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