Friday, March 9, 2012


I thought I was done making felt shoes, but I was recently asked if I'd like to make more and sell them in a local children's store. That of course made me feel a bit torn as I'd love to do it, but I remember that they were sometimes frustrating to make. So I whipped up these four pairs yesterday to see how long they would take me and if it was doable. I already had some shoe pieces cut out and ready to be sewn. They were actually pretty easy and quick to make (except the embroidered ones, they took a bit longer).
It was a great lady at church that manages the children's shop that asked me about it when she saw the pair I gave a mutual friend at a baby shower on Wednesday night. I hadn't been in the store yet but had driven by and was on my to do list. So yesterday Aubrey and I visited the store and it's amazing! It has the cutest stuff - all high quality, some from around the world and it was two floors, with rooms full of toys, clothing, shoes and books. We were there for quite a while. I'm not sure if they will take my shoes or not, but it was fun to make them either way!

 I had some leftover flowers made up from when I made the hair clips so I added some to this pair.

 I had made this style before (the same as I gave as my baby shower gift) but I added a button to the blue circle instead of felt.

 This might be my favorite pair. I just covered a button with fabric.

This was a new one for me too. I hadn't embroidered anything on shoes before and I loved crocheting the strap out of embroidery floss!


Julianne said...

Very fun! I'm so impressed that you made 4 pairs in one day! They look adorable!

Christina said...

I love those last ones- they are gorgeous! You're so talented Shannon!

Shannon Wight said...