Monday, March 19, 2012


I took my little felt shoes into the toy store today and she loved them and bought the 4 pairs I brought. We'll see how they do - if they sell then I'm sure I'll be making more!

 I found the perfect boxes for packaging them after driving ALL over the city! I got them from this packaging store and they had so many great things. I would have looked longer if Aubrey wasn't with me! I found these great labels that Martha Stewart and Avery now make (check them out at Staples). They were so quick and easy to use. She even makes chalkboard labels.

 While we were at the toy store this morning ( I finally brought Jared along with me) I found another book by Allison Jay. I love these books - they have great artwork and are really clever.

This one is the first one we bought and is well used. Everything on each page starts with the letter indicated and then has a small hint of what the next letter is. Even though it's a picture book for young kids, it grows with you and becomes a game as they are learning their ABC's and 123's. 
I highly recommend these books!