Friday, March 2, 2012


We have been stuck in the house so much this past week with colds and cold weather so yesterday we ventured out. The first Thursday of every month the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) is free for the general exhibits so we parked downtown, said hi to daddy quickly at work and then went to the museum. It was a lot smaller then I expected. I've been to so many huge art museums that made this one seem tiny I guess. There were some neat things to see but the African and Native Indian masks really scared Aubrey!
There was a kids play area which was a nice break for her - things she could actually touch!
We played in here for a long time.

 She really liked the cars hanging from the ceiling!

Here's where the sneaky girl comes in: Almost every night for the past week we put her to bed in her room, then within minutes she quietly and quickly runs across the hall to our room to sleep in our bed. Usually she makes quite a few trips back and forth bringing her favourite things with her: blanket, books, nightlight etc. Last night we finally caught it on video. I set up my phone on the chair at the desk in the hallway and after I noticed her first escape I quickly got up and hit record.
We can see her in the reflection of our sliding balcony doors, sitting on our couch in our living room, but she can't see us. So she thinks she's pretty sneaky! Our room is the door on the left and hers is on the right:

She managed to bring ALL of these books into our room - she must have made a few trips before I started recording!

Today was a baking/cooking day. I made some roasted cinnamon/honey chick peas, rice krispy squares, perogies and cabbage rolls. They are all done now but during the last thing on the list - cabbage rolls, Aubrey was over tired and cranky, she started crying and then laid down to pout but ended falling asleep on her bed in the living room floor she made. (We read some books there earlier, I wasn't completely ignoring her!).

 Here's my bag of frozen perogies for future use. I still have some filling left but ran out of flour to make more dough so I'll finish the rest tomorrow! I used this recipe.
We have had a box of chocolate rice krispy cereal for a while now as it's too sweet to eat as cereal, so I thought I'd use it up in some squares and maybe some granola bars too.


Shelli McCullough said...

That is the funniest thing I have ever seen! She cracks me up!
Oh, by the way, can I come for dinner?

Shannon Wight said...

Sure! Anytime!