Tuesday, August 21, 2012


We started out yesterday with a visit to the Washington Park Arboretum, we hadn't been there before.

Then we went to nearby Volunteer Park so Aubrey could play in the wading pool and park

 We were then going to visit the conservatory to see all the flowers but I forgot it was closed on Mondays! Instead we just walked around the park and headed toward the water tower.

A lady who feeds the fish, let Aubrey have a turn - she was pretty excited!

Then we climbed the water tower

We did get to see some Dahlias in the outside garden and they were so pretty!

After dinner we walked up the hill to another park to tire Aubrey out before bed - it still took her an hour to fall asleep!
Grandma + Grandpa left this morning.

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Julianne said...

Love the picture of you and Janet. Those flowers are incredible too. Looks like you guys had an great time!