Friday, August 31, 2012


Out of pure cheapness I've decided to make fairy wings for Aubrey's 4th birthday party. Yes, I've already started planning. I'm just preparing myself ahead of time so that if we happen to be moving close to her birthday, I'm not packing instead of prepping for her party!

They are so easy to make and I think will be a great party favor!

 missing from the list: elastic

Take a rectangle of felt and wrap it around the center to cover the wrapped waist band and glue.

Now you can decorate the wings however you like. I used gold glitter paint to outline and add swirls. 
I wanted to add something to the center so I took a gold flower elastic headband and just tied it around the center to add a flower detail. Then when the girls take it home they can just take off the flower headband and use it.

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