Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A visit from the Shaws

 We had some friends visit us for a few days, whom we hadn't seen in a long time, it was nice to catch up and have more visitors! We went blackberry picking and came home with lots!

 Sarah braided Aubrey's hair and it was so cute!

 We went to EMP (Experience Music Project). We hadn't been since we moved here so it was nice to go again.

 They have a demo room where you can play all the instruments. They even had sound proof booths where you could play an instrument or sing privately. Aubrey waited patiently for the drums.


 Jared had a co-worker kind enough to watch Aubrey so the four of us could go out for dinner.

 She even brought Aubrey these little guys, which she is (still) super happy about as you can tell from the photo.

Last night we went out for some Chicago style deep dish pizza which I had never had before, but it was really good. One slice was filling enough for me!
They left this morning and my parents arrive on Friday - it's been a fun busy month of visitors!!

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