Friday, August 3, 2012


I have Jared lined up for a new project - a new desk! We have this built-in shelving space in our hallway that we've never finished. I have been looking for pieces of shelving at the Ikea As-is section to build a custom size desk to fit in it and it's been 1.5 years and nothing! I was really close once when I found the perfect piece on craigslist for $20 and when I showed up to pick it up she had mistakenly sold it to the wrong person - I was mad!
But this week I had a few ideas and we finally found one that will work. After visiting a local salvage yard type store, we picked up some reclaimed thick wood that we will use as a desk top and I've been on the hunt for some legs. I'm looking for something metal and industrial looking. I haven't found anything used so I foresee a trip to Ikea to get something!

ec5812.jpgI came across this photo here and the wood is similar to what we bought (for a whole $5 by the way!) and the legs are from Ikea. There's a few options for table legs, it all depends on what will fit the best as the desk is 6' long but only 15" deep. I'm hoping to get it done asap - I can't wait to have space for both the computer and the sewing machine, side by side!

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Julianne said...

Very Cool. Great bargain as usual :)